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By GustavoLeao / 15:15, 3 January 2008 / Feature Films

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In the latest Shatnervision, Star Trek star William Shatner talks to PalTalk host Joanne Colan about his new Star Trek prequel book, Star Trek Academy Collision Course, co-written with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. Here is a few excerpts.

“[…] I pretend that I knew how Star Trek begin, how young Jim Kirk and how young Spock got together, how they were like as teenagers and the beginning, the dynamics of their relationship, how Kirk begins, so….I put that down in a book, called Collision Course…..Academy Collision Course.”

Shatner talks again how the studio did not promote or support the book and told him to write that the book was his “unique artistic vision” on how Kirk and Spock meet.

“So J.J. Abrams got his idea on how…. for his movie, on how Star Trek begins and he is doing it, and I have my own unique idea on how it was and we got great reviews.”

“I have invented, what I think, was the beginning of Star Trek.[…]”

You can watch the full video interview at Shatnervision.

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I am amazed… | Report this post to moderator
By: Captain Patti (Odo’s file, contact) @ 15:29:50 on Jan 05, 2008

That none of the Anti-Shatner crowd made any comments on his statement. It could of easily been twisted around.

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RE: I am amazed… by The Real Dr McCoy @ 13:04:23 on Jan 16
RE: I am amazed… by Jodeo @ 17:39:21 on Jan 05

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