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By GustavoLeao / 08:52, 17 December 2005 / Enterprise

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The latest issue of TV Zone Special magazine, out in the UK, features an exclusive interview with STAR TREK ENTERPRISE actor Anthony Montgomery (Ensign Travis Mayweather), in which he talks about the show, his favorite episodes and his future projects. Here are a few excerpts.

“I can understand what the concern was in our first two years about the show not being, perhaps, as action-packed as some of our viewers might have liked,” notes Montgomery. “The writers and producers then introduced the Xindi arc at the end of year two and we went that whole route for the entire third season which, I feel, raised the bar as far as storytelling. And that continued on from there.”

“Season four turned out to be so much fun for me and, I think, the rest of the cast as well. We got to take the series in so many different directions, and as far as Travis was concerned, I was able to explore some new facets of my character. With the various story arcs, be they two or three-parters, or even just an intense single story, we got back to telling true TREK adventures. So year four was definitely a winner for us, and that’s what most people told me would happen when I first began this job. They said the majority of TV shows start to hit their stride in season three and by year four they’re on solid ground and know where they’re going. That’s what happened with ENTERPRISE.”

About the show’s cancellation, he said “It was sad, but you know what, if we had to go out, at least we did so after one hell of a year. I feel bad for all those people who had and will continue to have such respect and admiration for the STAR TREK franchise. It’s something that has influenced and inspired not just one nation, but an entire planet. I don’t know of any other TV show that can boast such an accomplishment. We’ve become one big extended family, and there’s no reason why we have to let that go.”

“I feel truly blessed that Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, took a chance on me and allowed me to take part in the incredible journey that is STAR TREK,” says the actor.

Regarding now-infamous series finale, “These Are The Voyages”, Montgomery said “First off, I don’t want anyone to think I’m speaking negatively about our franchise or Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, who wrote the finale. However, I feel there could have been a more effective way to wrap things up for our show as well as the franchise as a whole. It just seemed to take a little bit away from what the ENTERPRISE cast and crew worked so diligently to achieve over the past four years, do you know what I mean?

“As for Travis, his presence in the finale was minimal, which was OK by me. I wasn’t at all concerned about my character’s lack of involvement because I’d had some really wonderful scenes written for me in other episodes throughout the season. Funnily enough, I was used more in the last season than in the three years prior.”

The full interview can be found at Montgomery official website.

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Oh really? | Report this post to moderator
By: dopefish (Odo’s file, contact) @ 10:58:04 on Dec 22, 2005

Anthony Montgomery Says “These Are The Voyages…” Not an Effective Finale

Should be..

Fans Say “Travis Mayweather” not an effective character…

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Action?!! | Report this post to moderator
By: nombrecomun (Odo’s file, contact) @ 09:43:30 on Dec 18, 2005

“I can understand what the concern was in our first two years about the show not being, perhaps, as action-packed as some of our viewers might have liked,” notes Montgomery.

If that’s what they thought was wrong with the show then they really have no clue.

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…but it could have been a tiny little bit more effective…. | Report this post to moderator
By: PoisonBorz (Odo’s file, contact) @ 02:36:40 on Dec 18, 2005 | Edit History (1)

Sometimes it’s a bit creepy how ‘givemework’ actors can’t say what they want (or just lame shadowy references like “oooh, don’t want to hurt anyone, please, really-really, but it could have been a tiny little bit more effective”), while bigger names can freely slap Trek to the ground with their opinions… (rightly so, most of the time, btw)

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a? | Report this post to moderator
By: Defiant (Odo’s file, contact, web site) @ 14:41:52 on Dec 17, 2005

He probably said that it was not “AN” effective finale.


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Fixed. Thanks ! [NIM] | Report this post to moderator
By: GustavoLeao (Odo’s file, contact, web site) @ 15:42:19 on Dec 17, 2005


——– Supervising Editor

[email protected]

Join me on Facebook

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Season 1-4 | Report this post to moderator
By: Hbasm (Odo’s file, contact) @ 10:52:42 on Dec 17, 2005 | Edit History (1)

Season one wasn’t bad and if memory serves me right, MOST PEOPLE thought of season one as good, or at least fair enough. Some objections were made to the Temporal Cold War, and I can think of a few other aspects. But action? Sounds like Montgomery is making assumptions here. Its too easy to think “there’s not enough action” when the ratings drop. That is the typical mindset of Hollywood. “It must be the action quotient” But don’t underestimate your audience’s intelligence. I admit that I sometimes have great trouble understanding my fellow Trekkers, but I refuse to believe we’re all a bunch of aggressive, mindless teenagers.

In season two, people began to see the problems with ENT more clearly. They pinpointed several things, such as the lack of an overal direction for the show. Other sci-fi shows had moved to serialised storytelling and Star Trek kept its bottle-show format.

Season three was a desperate attempt to stir life in the show, and worked to some success. But was it a good move? Only in part. Because the Xindi threat was, in my opinion, a childish plot and in the end, the show degraded to “action for the sake of action”.

With season fore, new and respected writers were hired. They tried to infuse the show with meaty dialogue. That worked on many levels. But the show had already locked itself to an action-oriented approch. Unfortunately the focus was still not the characters. And the feeling that “this is a prequel show” had taken quite a beating in season three. (The crew fighting off such powerful enemies with a primitive ship? come on!). Besides there was still little connection to earth although one could expect our planet to remain pretty much the center of attention. Well the audience was pretty much lost by then – the show just didn’t feel like a prequel.

That’s not to say, I didn’t like most of the episodes. I liked the occasional optimism and character oriented stuff. But I think the real reasons for ENT failure has nothing to do with the lack of explosions in season 1-2… Sorry, Montgomory.

TATV has been debated (and trashed) more than enough, I won’t even begin on that.

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RE: Season 1-4 | Report this post to moderator
By: PyBolar (Odo’s file, contact) @ 13:06:53 on Dec 19, 2005

Aruably, Season three was more “action packed” that the preceeding two, but it still was just more bad storytelling for the most part.

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