Bryan Fuller Live Chat - September 14th, 2000

With Special Thanks to Jason Boxman for his assistance during the chat!

<SteveKrutzler> Welcome to TrekWeb's chat with Bryan Fuller!
<SteveKrutzler> Bryan is a writer on Star Trek: Voyager
<SteveKrutzler> Please direct your questions to JasonBoxman 
<BryanFuller> Hi, Everybody!
<BryanFuller> (That was my Dr. Nick Riviera impression.)
<SteveKrutzler> Thanks for joining us, Bryan!
<BryanFuller> As always, a pleasure to be here.
<SteveKrutzler> Do you have any opening remarks concerning today on Voyager or anything you'd like to share before we start with questions?
<BryanFuller> Tomorrow we will start breaking our 13th episode of the season which will put us at the half-way mark. There's a lot of fun stuff in store and we have a nice mix of episodes that will give all of the characters a day in the sun before the series comes to a close.
<BryanFuller> It's actually kind of strange to be so far into the season when the first episode hasn't even started yet. By the way, I think "Unimatrix, Part Two" is even better than part one.*
<SteveKrutzler> Great! 
<SteveKrutzler> Let's begin with questions from the fans...
<SteveKrutzler> Cian Devane Asks: Let me first say that I was very impressed with season 6, with a few 
<SteveKrutzler> exceptions--one being "Fury". Don't get me wrong, I liked it but why the weak plot and 
<SteveKrutzler> silly contradictions like Kes's shuttle, where did she get it? I am really looking 
<SteveKrutzler> forward to the final season,will chakotay get a story in the first part of the season?
<BryanFuller> We figured that if Kes had advanced telepathic abilities she would have no trouble stealing a shuttle from a hapless passer-by.
<BryanFuller> I agree with you on that one being a disapointment. We originally conceived of the show as a contemporary piece with real dramas with the crew seeing their old friend come back and having to deal with her bitterness, but somewhere along the line it became a time-travel episode. I think that was a mistake.
<BryanFuller> It would have been more satisfying to see her interactions raising real issues as opposed to her skulking around the ship looking devious.*
<SteveKrutzler> pjinnh Asks: Any truth to the rumor that one of the main characters will die this 
<SteveKrutzler> season (please don't let it be either Tom or B'Elanna).
<BryanFuller> We've talked about seeing the Vidiians again, but since we used them in "Fury" it's probably unlikely. We want to see a good mix of new aliens as well as old fan favorites in the last season.
<BryanFuller> No truth to that at all (as of today).*
<SteveKrutzler> Anon Asks: Will Voyager have a final chapter, I mean a final big story line like DS9?
<BryanFuller> We have talked about several different ways to bring the show to a close and what's currently being discussed is really awesome. Voyager is going to go out with a big bang. Trust me.
<BryanFuller> We have discussed possibly doing a mini arc, but nothing like they did on DS9. It may be anywhere from 2 to 5 episodes. It's hard to tell right now how involved it will be.*
<SteveKrutzler> luke Asks: Why does Janeway sometimes make stupid decisions based on her rage? It seems 
<SteveKrutzler> terribly un-Trek to coin a phrase. And as with all Star Trek why are high ranking 
<SteveKrutzler> officers always sent on dangerious mission, theatrical value or is it indicative of 
<SteveKrutzler> changes in humanity's approach to problems in the future. I love star trek and think 
<SteveKrutzler> that your style is especially enjoyable, keep up the good work. p.s. crossovers are 
<SteveKrutzler> always fun. luke, Australia.
<BryanFuller> Janeway is a flawed character. That's what I think is most appealing about her and I think Kate Mulgrew finds a great balace playing the human, falable aspect of Janeway.
<BryanFuller> She reacts emotionally sometimes and often leads with her heart, but she's still very intelligent and cunning. Yes, she makes mistakes, but she acknowledges them and grows from them in a way I don't think we could see with Picard. (Not that I'm dissing Captain P, mind you).*
<SteveKrutzler> Teral'n Asks: How do you feel about the change in the type of show Voyager has become 
<SteveKrutzler> since it first aired?
<BryanFuller> Actually, really good. I've been watching the first couple of seasons in syndication and I think the series has come a long, long way. The actors are more comfortable with their characters and the episodes are more interesting in some ways.
<BryanFuller> I wasn't a huge fan of Voyager until Season Three, but that's not to say there weren't some amazing episodes in those early seasons. "Meld" and "Deadlock" rank among my favorite Voyager episodes.
<BryanFuller> I think the series made a subtle turn in Season Three with "Future's End" and cranked the wheel with "Scorpion" at the end of Season Three. I really credit Brannon with the show becoming more interesting. And thank god, Janeway lost that stupid bun.*
<SteveKrutzler> [Interjection: Scorpion is still the all-time best Voyager in my opinion, followed by Living Witness.]
<SteveKrutzler> anonymous coward Asks: When I watch the Paris-Torres relationship I become concerned 
<SteveKrutzler> because this doesn't seem like a healthy, equal, supportive relationship. I was 
<SteveKrutzler> wondering what you and the other writers and actors think about this relationship? 
<SteveKrutzler> Would any of you want your daughter to be in a relationship like this?
<BryanFuller> Scorpion was great television. I watched that after I found out I was hired on staff and I just about pee'd my pants.
<SteveKrutzler> LOL
<BryanFuller> I guess I don't quite understand the question. The Paris-Torres relationship and early on it seemed that they were always sniping at each other and any scenes they played together was "bitch, bitch, bitch." We're trying to play it much more loving and supportive now. I very much like how Paris came to B'Elanna in "Barge'o'Dead." and was supportive of her beliefs, but concerned for her wellbeing. He said something about "Let's figure this 
<BryanFuller> Does that answer your question? IF not, let me know.
<BryanFuller> Oops, sorry.
<SteveKrutzler> No prob. Was there anything you wanted to add to that last response that got cut off?
<BryanFuller> As I was saying, Paris says something to B'Elanna about "Let's figure this out together" and I think that's
<BryanFuller> what relationships should be about. Yes, B'Elanna's a hot head and yes, Paris needs to grow up a bit, but
<BryanFuller> they're both compassionate characters who care a lot about each other.*
<SteveKrutzler> Moving right along...
<SteveKrutzler> ptFan Asks: What will happen on the episode "Inner Child"? I have heard the name but know nothing about it.
<BryanFuller> That episode has a new title and it's one of 3 or 4 episodes in the Paris/Torres relationship arc we're doing for this season.
<BryanFuller> I'd love to say more, but Ken will punish me.*
<SteveKrutzler> and Brannon...
<BryanFuller> Brannon has his hands full with the new series. He doesn't have time to spank me anymore.
<SteveKrutzler> LOL... speaking of which... working in and around there daily.... any tidbits you can offer about the new series? 
<BryanFuller> I'll tell you this, and I'm sorry if it sounds like the same old Rick Berman interview you've been reading for months, but
<BryanFuller> It's really cool.
<SteveKrutzler> LOL
<SteveKrutzler> So does that mean you are "in the know?" 
<BryanFuller> It's got a fresh spin on the Star Trek franchise, but gives it a new life and restores that spark of exploration that I think some of the series have lost.
<BryanFuller> It'll be like looking at Star Trek with new eyes. That's all I'm going to say.*
<SteveKrutzler> Remind me to badger Brannon some more, LOL
<SteveKrutzler> Ok, back to Voyager questions....
<SteveKrutzler> jstvs Asks: send question: Because of UPN's time-hack, does Voyager still film an extra two minutes on episodes?
<BryanFuller> We actually had to cut two minutes out and, yes, that's still in effect. But, strange as it seems, we still run short on some episodes and end up adding new scenes.*
<SteveKrutzler> I ask: Can you give us any titles or ten-word descriptions past "Body & Soul"?
<BryanFuller> Let's see... after "B&S" we have a Kim episode, then a Chakotay episode, then a B'Elanna episode, then a Seven episode, then a Tuvok episode. And I think that brings us up to 14.
<BryanFuller> The rest are in more early episodes of development and could change. Titles have been changing a lot, as well. I'm trying to think of what I can say without getting in trouble...
<SteveKrutzler> ("The Command" is probably the Kim on, title subject to have changed, lol)
<BryanFuller> Yes, and, yes.
<BryanFuller> I'm really happy with "Flesh and Blood," though. That turned out to be much better than I had hoped. Good action, good character. It'll make a good telefilm. I hope you guys like it.
<BryanFuller> It was nice to see the Hirogen again.
<BryanFuller> We're going to be seeing a few familiar aliens this season.*
<SteveKrutzler> _CaptNJR_ Asks: Being a writer, if it were up to you, how would YOU write the ending 
<SteveKrutzler> for VOYAGER?
<BryanFuller> Exactly how we're talking about ending it (which means I can't say). If we do what we're talking about right now, it's going to be amazing.
<BryanFuller> *
<SteveKrutzler> TheManWhoNeverWas Asks: Will we see the Voyager crew wear spacesuits again as they did 
<SteveKrutzler> in the episode "Demon".
<BryanFuller> Yes. We see them wearing spacesuits in the two-parter, I believe.*
<SteveKrutzler> Sean Asks: I really enjoyed your script for "Barge of the Dead" from last season. 
<SteveKrutzler> Is there any chance that we will see any follow-up concerning Torres and her Klingon 
<SteveKrutzler> heritage in the upcoming season?
<BryanFuller> We are talking about doing a Klingon show and I would like very much to further explore her burgeoning spirituality. We'll see. We haven't quite nailed the story on that one yet.*
<SteveKrutzler> jstvs Asks: Will the caretaker's mate, Suspiria, be shown for the final season? Any discussion about her or the Caretaker himself?
<BryanFuller> And I'm really glad you liked "Barge." I had a blast writing that one.
<JasonBoxman> heh
<BryanFuller> That's a tricky one. I will tell you this: we will be seeing the return of one of Voyager's characters from the early seasons. But I won't say which one.*
<SteveKrutzler> Scode Asks: I am a big fan of the Borg as a villan; but I have to say I have some
<SteveKrutzler> reservations as to the behavior of the Queen - particularly in "Unimatriz Zero" (which 
<SteveKrutzler> is a great episode). I believe the Queen no longer behaves as if she were the
<SteveKrutzler> manifestation of the Borg collective, but rather as an individual leading the Borg 
<SteveKrutzler> (based on the way she makes human like comments to other drones, and uses view screen 
<SteveKrutzler> to monitor what's going on). Would you agree with this assessment? If so, do you 
<SteveKrutzler> believe it is necessary to make this "sacrifice" in correctness in order to get the
<SteveKrutzler> stor
<SteveKrutzler> story across?
<BryanFuller> I agree with you completely. But it's very difficult to dramatize a lot of those scenes without using those crutches. But in her defense, especially in Unimatrix Zero, I think we're seeing
<BryanFuller> a different side of the Queen. We're seeing someone who is used to having absolute power and now there's a monkey wrench in her plan and it freaks her out.
<SteveKrutzler> [though of some would say that is a trait which, inherently, the Borg shouldn't have (i.e. "freaking out)]
<BryanFuller> Also, Janeway has very much become the fly in the Queen's ointment. Here's someone who's recruited a former drone, from whom she's got all sorts of tactical information on the Borg, not to mention what the 29th Century Borg provided Voyager to augment its defenses.
<BryanFuller> And for once, she's a little frightened. I think the concept of the Queen is also one that suggests she's tapped into everyone in a different way than the average drone and may be capable of more expression.
<BryanFuller> I kind of like that she freaked out. It made her a little more threatening in a way. Although some of the more mustache-twirling lines were a bit hokey.*
<SteveKrutzler> Darmok Asks: Is there any chance we'll see flashbacks to life with Chakotay, Torres, 
<SteveKrutzler> and Tuvok on the Maquis ship? I ask this because it worked really well for Kira and Odo 
<SteveKrutzler> in DS9 episodes like "Necessary Evil" and "Things Past". I also ask because I feel the
<SteveKrutzler> Maquis storyline has been greatly underused, as have the Chakotay and Tuvok characters.
<BryanFuller> We have a great episode dealing with the Maquis early on in Season Seven. No plans as of yet to do a flashback, but it is something that I'd love to do.*
<SteveKrutzler> Bart Asks: Hi, I'd like to know if after the recent complaints by Robert Beltran and 
<SteveKrutzler> Patrick Stewart about the story lines, will there be a change in the way the story 
<SteveKrutzler> lines will develop during a season, like a romance between two crewmembers or that we 
<SteveKrutzler> will see no changes to the basic structure of the series?
<SteveKrutzler> thank you.
<BryanFuller> Which complaints are we talking about? (I understand there have been many).
<SteveKrutzler> Stuff along the lines of "the writers have given up on my character" and "I don't even read the whole scripts because, why bother?" and the like... LOL
<BryanFuller> Regarding the romance issue, we have the relationship between Paris and Torres. I think if we did much more than that it would become "Melrose Space."
<SteveKrutzler> [Interjection: I miss Melrose] ;-)
<BryanFuller> Jay Kahn who is a new writer on the show is a Melrose alum.
<SteveKrutzler> Tell him I Peter was my idol. Just kidding. anyway, moving on...
<SteveKrutzler> (omit "I")
<SteveKrutzler> Ready for next ques?
<BryanFuller> I'm still trying to figure out how to answer the Chakotay question.
<BryanFuller> We definitely have not given up on Chakotay and are very much trying to service his character this year. I think that since there are nine characters in the series
<BryanFuller> not all of them can get their due. Season Four was very much a Seven season. Season Five was very much a Janeway season. Season Six was very much a Doctor season. This year, Tuvok, Torres and the Doctor are really standing out.
<BryanFuller> Sometimes a character stands out and we generate a lot of stories about that character for very random reasons. It's really not intentional.
<BryanFuller> We have a couple of really great Chakotay stories for this season.
<BryanFuller> And we're very conscious of giving everyone something new and interesting to do in teh last season.*
<BryanFuller> Keep 'em coming.
<SteveKrutzler> Giddyup... 
<SteveKrutzler> AndrewR Asks: Hello Bryan, I have asked a similar to Tim Russ. I am curious as to what 
<SteveKrutzler> happened to the interesting and wonderful possibility of a friendship growing between 
<SteveKrutzler> Seven and Tuvok, which was started in "Year Of Hell"? Even though this became an 
<SteveKrutzler> alternate timeline, the Seven/Tuvok friendship - even though a small part of the 
<SteveKrutzler> whole episode - was something special in a huge 'effects-bash'. It was a very touching 
<SteveKrutzler> few seens when Seven was helping Tuvok after his blindness etc.
<SteveKrutzler> ......We haven't ever really 
<SteveKrutzler> seen anything develop between these two except with the occasional mindmeld such as in 
<SteveKrutzler> "Infinite Regress" (which I think must be something VERY personal to share with ANYONE) 
<SteveKrutzler> So, do you think that there is a possiblity of a stronger friendship between these two 
<SteveKrutzler> characters, or being so well into season seven, is it too late? AndrewR, Brisbane, 
<SteveKrutzler> Australia
<BryanFuller> I really like that budding relationship, as well. The problem we found in the scenes between Tuvok and Seven were that they were deadly boring. Both of them speak in a rhythmic cadence and both of them are emotionally repressed. It was hard to get a lot of dynamic drama out of those scenes. That's really why it hasn't gone as far as it could have.
<BryanFuller> I still would like to see that relationship explored and it's not too late to do that.*
<SteveKrutzler> jstvs Asks: Will you ever show a story (maybe a stand-alone episode) about how the Borg came into existence?
<BryanFuller> We've talked about that ad nauseum. Part of what makes the Borg cool is that there origins are mysterious. Part of me would like to find out what it is, but another part wants that to remain a mystery.*
<SteveKrutzler> AdmiralQ Asks: I was on the Paramount tour this past Monday, and a Vulcan drove past me. Any details? (on Voyager or helping back home?)
<BryanFuller> I'll tell you this much, the Vulcan is on a ship that Voyager battles.*
<SteveKrutzler> Ah, just the kind of tidbit to keep people stewing in circles on bulletin boards for weeks... lol
<SteveKrutzler> pjinnh Asks: Will Voyager be using any scripts submitted by people not on the writing 
<SteveKrutzler> staff this year?
<BryanFuller> We are still looking for stories, but as far as entire scripts go, it's unlikely. We just hired a writing team that brings our staff to eight people. With that many people on staff, it's not very cost-effective to farm out scripts to freelancers. Stories, yes. Scripts, unlikely.*
<SteveKrutzler> [Ask Brannon for that pitch I just sent him today]
<BryanFuller> I'll check it out.
<SteveKrutzler> Cian Devane Asks: was there something to the line "see u soon harry " from Borg Queen in UZ part one?
<BryanFuller> I think at the time she was just screwing with his mind. But that may change...*
<SteveKrutzler> Cian Devane [also] Asks: Is the new Delta Flyer the same set as old one or new design?
<BryanFuller> It's the same basic set with some new modifications Paris put in when he reconstructed it -- there are a few more "Captain Proton" touches.*
<SteveKrutzler> Bucky Asks: If Billionaire Tyrant Rupert Murdoch decides he doesn't like UPN does 
<SteveKrutzler> that mean you're out of a job?
<BryanFuller> Not at all. Voyager will very likely have a home at UPN through it's final show. As far as where the new series will land, that's to be determined. But rest assured, it will land.*
<SteveKrutzler> Darmok Asks: (Long question, but forgive me.) Early on, Voyager established the
<SteveKrutzler> potential for an interesting backstory between Chakotay, Torres, and Tuvok. In 
<SteveKrutzler> particular, it was stated a couple of times that Chakotay really hates Tuvok, and
<SteveKrutzler> that's why they stay clear of each other. 
<SteveKrutzler> ...Which I find really interesting, since they 
<SteveKrutzler> seem to be very similar (both Vegetarians, both practice meditation, both advisors to
<SteveKrutzler> Janeway, and both vying for Janeway's attention). But it never seemed to be followed 
<SteveKrutzler> up. Does Tuvok still regard Chakotay as a mere criminal? Does Chakotay still regard 
<SteveKrutzler> Tuvok as a traitor? Does Tuvok resent Chakotay for taking his role as friend and
<SteveKrutzler> advisor to Janeway?
<BryanFuller> I think since it's 6 years later, they're pretty much past any sort of petty grievances. But we do explore a bit of that relationship in the maquis episode early this season. And I just finished a draft of a story that will have Chakotay and Tuvok together in an adventure where certain spiritual issues do come up.*
<SteveKrutzler> nathalie Asks: Are Janeway and Chakotay going to resolve their relationship in this 
<SteveKrutzler> final season? It seems to me Jneway is toying with him and i don't think Janeway would 
<SteveKrutzler> be like that.
<BryanFuller> I think Janeway believes she's in a situation that if -- and I do mean if -- she had feelings for her first officer she could not act on them.
<BryanFuller> Who knows what will happen when they get home, though.*
<SteveKrutzler> MirandaGrace Asks: Bryan, why the dramatic about-face on character arcs, continuity and 
<SteveKrutzler> the "face" put on Voyager for this season? It seems like fans have been screaming about 
<SteveKrutzler> wanting those things for the past two years (i.e. using characters in "Repression" that 
<SteveKrutzler> were featured in "Learning Curve" and "Nothing Human", remembering poor Harry was still 
<SteveKrutzler> an Ensign, Tom and B'Elanna are supposed to be in love) and the only substantive change 
<SteveKrutzler> I can see is Ken Biller being given executive producer status.
<BryanFuller> Or should, I say if...
<SteveKrutzler> [good save!]
<SteveKrutzler> of Miranda's question.....
<SteveKrutzler> For example, when Ken 
<SteveKrutzler> said in an interview, that he wasn't just going to "feature" but "embrace" the Paris-
<SteveKrutzler> Torres relationship and develop it in a prominent way in a season long arc, more than a 
<SteveKrutzler> few jaws dropped in astonishment. This is so unlike what we've become accustomed to. Is 
<SteveKrutzler> it the "it's the last season we're going to pull out the stops" philosophy, or is it 
<SteveKrutzler> more creative freedom? Is there a risk that this season might fall into the trap of 
<SteveKrutzler> last year--starting out brilliantly and boldly--only to resort to the All Borg, All 
<SteveKrutzler> Seven, All the Time, approach? Or is the visi
<BryanFuller> I don't think it was an about-face as much as it was a matter of timing.
<BryanFuller> We had played with the Paris Torres thing for three seasons and we figured it was time to either shit or get off the pot.
<SteveKrutzler> lol
<JasonBoxman> lol
<BryanFuller> So we decided to explore it on a deeper level. The people from "Learning Curve" were integral as maquis crewmen to the story we had developed with the maquis. So we figured, instead of creating new characters, let's see the old ones.
<BryanFuller> But there is something to the "It's the last season, so let's pull out the stops" mentality. Also, as with any show-runner, Ken has a different take on the series and we're seeing more of that now that he's holding the reins. And he's doing a great job.*
<SteveKrutzler> JoshOfBorg Asks: What is you favorite episode of voyager that you wrote, what about one that you didn't write?
<SteveKrutzler> [your]
<BryanFuller> I really liked "Barge of the Dead," and I'm very proud of my work in "Flesh and Blood, Part One." On a different level, I had a lot of fun writing "Sprit Folk" which I always envisioned as a Star Trek episode my mom would like. Sort of like "Star Trek" meets "The Apple Dumpling Gang."
<BryanFuller> But I love Joe Menosky's work. "Latent Image," "Tinker, Tenor" and the 2-parters he wrote with Brannon, "Scorpion" and "The Killing Game" were just great. I have favorite episodes for different characters. I'm very much a Star Trek fan so I like a lot of the episodes.*
<SteveKrutzler> Jazzofborg Asks: Hello, is Q going to show up in the seventh season? Maybe Janeway can 
<SteveKrutzler> babysit!
<BryanFuller> We've talked about that one ad nauseum, as well. No firm episode just yet.*
<SteveKrutzler> jstvs Asks: Will there be one last two-parter or telefilm after "Flesh and Blood" before the series ends?
<BryanFuller> I hope so. My dream episode could be a potential two-parter that I pitched to Ken at the end of last season.
<BryanFuller> That stuff is really up to Rick Berman and the studio, though. Since the last episode will probably be a 2-hour movie, they might not want to do one in between. We'll see.*
<SteveKrutzler> Pavliar asks: Hypothetically speaking, how much money does somebody in your position 
<SteveKrutzler> make?
<BryanFuller> That's a tacky question. Didn't your mother teach you any manners?*
<SteveKrutzler> hehe
<SteveKrutzler> (Pavilar)
<SteveKrutzler> femaleQ Asks: Hi Bryan. What regrets, if any, do you have regarding some of the Voyager 
<SteveKrutzler> scripts. What I mean is, should they have been written better, not written at all, 
<SteveKrutzler> maybe a storyline that needed more time? Thanks!
<BryanFuller> I really regret the direction we took with Fury, as I stated before.
<BryanFuller> And I think there have been plenty of episodes that really weren't that special and didn't have much to say. "Nothin Human" is an example of a great concept with very interesting things to say that was blown by a rubber puppet.
<BryanFuller> I'm often conflicted on this issue, though. For example, 11:59 was an episode that I thought "who cares." But I found the finished product to be very charming.
<BryanFuller> "Waking Moments" was a misfire as well. The pitch behind that one was Tuvok as Freddy Krueger and instead we got Chakotay tapping the back of his palm.
<SteveKrutzler> lol
<BryanFuller> But as with all cases, hindsight is 20/20 and we never set out to make a bad episode. A lot of work goes into every script on every level of production.
<BryanFuller> But since it is television, we are on a smaller budget and a very heavy time constraint so we can't always do what we envision.*
<SteveKrutzler> jstvs Asks: Will we ever see Species 8472 in the future?
<BryanFuller> I hope so, but right now it's looking unlikely.*
<SteveKrutzler> Becca Asks: Any chance that we will be seeing Nancy Hower and Scarlett Pomers on 
<SteveKrutzler> Voyager again? I hope so!!!!!
<BryanFuller> Yes.
<BryanFuller> *
<SteveKrutzler> Here's a question: have you been, will you be, or do you expect to be, approached about joining the writing staff of Series Five? Whatabout any other current Trek writers other than Bran?
<BryanFuller> I would love to work on the new series. It sounds like a blast.*
<SteveKrutzler> skillfully executed, hehe.
<SteveKrutzler> Redshoes Asks: How about the return of Joe Carey?
<BryanFuller> Beyond Fury, no plans to see him as of yet. But you never know...*
<SteveKrutzler> Whatabout Star Trek X? Know anything? Would you like to write a Trek feature, TNG, DS9, or VOY?
<BryanFuller> I know an iddy-biddy-bit about Trek X and what I know sounds cool. I wasn't wild about the last one. It would be great to write a Trek story on a feature scale.*
<SteveKrutzler> Have you ever considered doing a Far Beyond the Stars-type out-of-makeup show on Voyager, or perhaps a reflexive-reality show featuring the writing staff and the Paramount lot?
<SteveKrutzler> (i.e. a sort of "oh gee I had this dream it was all a tv show" type of fun ep)
<BryanFuller> It's been discussed, but I think 11:59 is the closest thing that we're going to do. As far as featuring the writing staff or the Paramount Lot, that sort of thing always seems very self-indulgent and breaks the fourth wall. It ruins it for me and makes it difficult to suspend disbelief.*
<SteveKrutzler> Whatabout the so-called Mirror Universe? Has it ever pervaded the Voyager story-break sessions?
<BryanFuller> I have pitched many so-called alternate universe episodes, but Rick, Brannon and Ken aren't too wild about alternate universes. Alas...*
<SteveKrutzler> Will we see the Alpha Quadrant in any substantial capacity at any point this season?
<BryanFuller> We will see the return of Troi and Barclay and there are talks of other episodes featuring AQ, but no specifics as of yet.
<BryanFuller> *(
<SteveKrutzler> jstvs Asks: Why weren't the Borg Children in Unimatrix Zero? Wouldn't their interest be about the Borg, and would The Queen be interested in them?
<BryanFuller> That was really Seven and Janeway's story. We discussed having the Borg kids in there at some point, but it seemed to shoe-horned so we cut them out.*
<SteveKrutzler> Whatabout tackling the long-ignored questions of civilian life in the 24th century? I suppose it'd be kind of hard to deal with Earth on Voyager, but whatabout the crew? Did Rock and roll survive into the 24th century? 
<SteveKrutzler> [though admittedly you've found innovative ways to have entire episodes take place on Earth, something even TNG rarely did]
<BryanFuller> It is kind of hard to deal with those issues in a para-military setting, but I like to think we see glimpses of it now and again. We see Paris and Torres out on a couple of dates, relaxing at home with the television. I thought those were nice touches.*
<SteveKrutzler> Whatabout the direction after Equniox II? Is it true that Rick Berman wouldn't accept the original portions of the script which had Janeway physically attacking crewman Lessing (?) in the cargo bay? Why not take the opportunity to create a mini-arc....
<SteveKrutzler> ..... with Janeway getting relieved or Chak mutinying...
<SteveKrutzler> ...and then having them come back together after a few eps stronger than ever, with their relationship as Captain and FO finally fleshed out...?
<BryanFuller> I seem to remember there being something rough-housing with Lessing, but I agree with Rick that would have taken things too far. Janeway would have gone from "driven" to "intensely unlikable."
<SteveKrutzler> In my opinion, E2 was one of the biggest missed opportunities for the series to go gritty and really flesh out the characters.
<BryanFuller> I thought E2 got plenty gritty. Keep in mind, Star Trek is a family show (not that I condone that sort of thing.)
<BryanFuller> *
<SteveKrutzler> That is, "go gritty" in the sense in a continuing sense...
<SteveKrutzler> not just "ok let's be happy now" and move on, LOL. 
<SteveKrutzler> (Don't get me wrong, I think Equinox and E2 were definitely some of the show's best eps, from an action stand point as well as a content stand point)
<BryanFuller> Oh, I see. I think there was a bit of a backlash against DS9 in that regard. But, yes, it would have been interesting to explore the ramifications of those events.
<BryanFuller> One of the big concerns is that people will see episodes out of order and not understand why Janeway's being such a bitch or Chakotay being so somber.
<BryanFuller> That's the big issue with continuity.*
<SteveKrutzler> Maybe this subject is best left un-touched, and maybe it's not appropriate for you to comment, but is there anything you can say about the abrupt departure of Ron Moore last year which was accompanied by no small amount of dirty rumors of tension behind the scenes...?
<BryanFuller> Ron Moore's departure was really unfortunate. Ron is a very good friend of mine. But ultimately it turned out best for both sides.*
<SteveKrutzler> Back to your out of order note, I understand that the studio has kind of put a moratorium on it for that reason; but isn't it conceiveable that a "previously on star trek voyager" could be implanted in front episodes to facilitate continuity? And as a writer, would you opt for that avenue if the studio chose to do a Star Trek show in that manner?
<BryanFuller> Yes and no. I love continuity and I always think it's really cool when there's a call-back or reference to an episode.
<BryanFuller> But I do find that whole "Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer" thing very annoying. It takes me out of the moment.*
<SteveKrutzler> Will Brannon write any episodes this season?
<JasonBoxman> [It's kept me straight in the past, having missed many episodes, having jumped in later in the year.]
<BryanFuller> He did a great re-write of the maquis episode and part 2 of Unimatrix Zero.*
<BryanFuller> I have time for just one more...
<SteveKrutzler> Do you think the Internet has had a positive or negative or no influence and Trek and how do you think this will affect a new series, which admittedly, will face scrutiny from inception unlike any Trek show before, in an era where fans can go online...
<SteveKrutzler> ...and voice their displeasure with yet-unaired episodes and nasty remarks for producers and writers to read...
<SteveKrutzler> ...or are Internet fans unfairly represented by this vocal minority which doesn't, from your experience, represent the majority of fandom, even in a time with undeniably dismal ratings?
<BryanFuller> I think it can have a very positive influence if it's used correctly. A lot of what I read is very negative and very harsh.
<BryanFuller> Constructive criticism is always best, but if someone goes on the attack it's hard to take it seriously.
<BryanFuller> Wouldn't you agree?
<SteveKrutzler> Oh, most certainly
<JasonBoxman> Agreed
<SteveKrutzler> attacks on people
<SteveKrutzler> are just uncalled for and rather silly, when, considering...
<SteveKrutzler> ...that people are posting as anonymous individuals.
<BryanFuller> When I read comments about an episode that hasn't aired, they're usually based on misinformation.
<BryanFuller> What I find really disappointing is when fans attack each other for their beliefs in a personal manner.
<SteveKrutzler> In my experience with the 'net, and I've been online for a long time, the anonymity seems to breed a contempt for each other that doesn't exist in person-to-person communication
<JasonBoxman> I've seen that as well
<BryanFuller> That may be true.
<SteveKrutzler> I'm sure it's not nice to hear people saying "I wish [enter writer] would die" etc and it's quite disheartening coming from Trek fans
<BryanFuller> And I think there's a certain powerlessness that fans feel when it comes to a franchise that they feel invested in. That can create a lot of frustration.
<SteveKrutzler> I just wonder if Internet fans are truly representative of all fans or not, because certainly fans have gotten a "nasty" reputation of late, at least online anyway. 
<BryanFuller> I felt the same way when I was watching TNG and DS9 and disagreed with directions they were taking. But now that I'm
<BryanFuller> on the other side I realize there are very good reasons why certain avenues aren't explored and I understand that everyone involved with the show cares deeply about it. After all, it's our lives.
<SteveKrutzler> Certainly we're at an impasse where the new series will be judged before it even airs, and I wonder how that will affect it. 
<BryanFuller> I think that a lot of the nastiness on certain message boards hasn't boded well for internet fans, and that has affected the credibility.
<SteveKrutzler> We've seen where bad Internet buzz can doom movies
<BryanFuller> But those are usually movies that get bad reviews from people who have seen the product.
<BryanFuller> Not someone who dislikes the concept behind something.
<BryanFuller> without seeing it.
<SteveKrutzler> True; I suppose we can only hope that the message of Star Trek comes through in the end and people can give it a fair shake. Take care of yourselves, and each other. (oh wait, wrong show) LOL!
<JasonBoxman> lol
<BryanFuller> You're silly.
<SteveKrutzler> I'd like to thank Bryan Fuller for taking the time to chat with us tonight, and as usual, Bryan holds the record for the longest and most entertaining chats.
<BryanFuller> I've had a great time here tonight, guys. Thank you very much.
<SteveKrutzler> Hope you can join us on here again before the series ends.
<BryanFuller> I'd love to do it again. Let's say around Christmas so I can tease you about the end of the season.
<SteveKrutzler> And best of luck with whatever you do, be it continuing on Star Trek or something else.
<SteveKrutzler> Most definitely!
<SteveKrutzler> The transcript will be online shortly, everyone!
<BryanFuller> Thanks. To you, as well. Thanks everyone. Good night.
<SteveKrutzler> And don't miss Robert Hewitt Wolfe, exec producer of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, tentatively scheduled for September 28th!