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T'Poll: JJ Trek
You you like the J.J. Abrams-era vision of the STAR TREK universe?



Yes, it's a great re-imagining and I have no complaints! 24.62 % (886 votes)
No, it doesn't remain true to the spirit of the franchise. 27.29 % (982 votes)
Yes, it's a different take but no less valid than any other incarnation. 24.9 % (896 votes)
No, the scripts are more action than sci-fi. 14.06 % (506 votes)
Love/Hate 9.12 % (328 votes)
3598 total votes

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All Our Yesterdays

Delve into TrekWeb's past! On this day, July 23, in TrekWeb history...

New Star Trek figures revealed at SDCC
Thor and X-Men First Class Writers Possible Co-Writers of Star Trek 321
Chris Pine Wants a Kirk / Uhura Romance in Star Trek XII, Does Not Know About Start of Filming the Sequel3
William Shatner on Whether Khan Should Appear in Star Trek XII 12
First Look at Karl Urban as the Vampire Villain in Priest from a Comic Con Poster, Plus Urban Talks Judge Dredd0
Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman on Broaden their Focus in Star Trek XII Story, Say Pike and McCoy May Get More Screen Time in the Sequel3
Roberto Orci Gives a Brief Update on Star Trek XII, Says They Have a Story They Like10
Karl Urban Says Star Trek XII is Most Likely to Begin Filming Next Summer, Believes J.J. Abrams Will Direct Sequel and Confirms Judge Dredd Casting Rumors3
J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon Panel at San Diego Comic Con - Photo, Video and Reports0
Leonard Nimoy on Returning to Star Trek, William Shatner and J.J. Abrams51
CBS Presents Exclusive Products from Star Trek, CSI and Twilight Zone at Comic-Con4
German Next Generation and Mirror Images Comic Books Cover Art 2
Leonard Nimoy Says New Star Trek Movie Will Inspire a New Generation of Viewers and Reinvigorate the Old Fans8
Alex Kurtzman Answers Question Regarding Nero - Minor Spoilers13
Nana Visitor on Battlestar Galactica and Deep Space Nine9
Jolene Blalock Says William Shatner Should Appear in the New Star Trek Movie60
William Shatner Disappointed But Not Upset About Not Being in Star Trek XI21
William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy Talk Star Trek XI Deals and Details28
Info and Cover from Upcoming ENTERPRISE Novel ROSETTA5
'T'Pol' Faces New Challenge at "Home", Plus the Newest NX Ship - First Plot Details (SPOILERS)70
Scott Bakula Looks to "Day of Reckoning" for 'Archer', Thinks Friday Night a Plus; Update: Hitler!20
Suliban Story to Merge with Xindi, Plus 'Trip' Merging With 'T'Pol'? (SPOILERS)22
ENT on the Defensive at TV Critics Association: Braga Denies Creative Problems, Moonves Talks Shop82
John Shiban Talks "Minefield" and Rick Berman on Script Submission Policy18
SEARCH FOR SPOCK DVD Coming in October, Plus Hertzler Working on VOYAGE HOME14
Paramount Puts Open Script Submission Policy On Hold For ENTERPRISE0
'Next Gen' Characters To Develop Significantly: Final Destinations Revealed0
Andrew Probert Criticizes Rick Berman and The Current State of Star Trek0
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