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T'Poll: JJ Trek
You you like the J.J. Abrams-era vision of the STAR TREK universe?



Yes, it's a great re-imagining and I have no complaints! 25.01 % (794 votes)
No, it doesn't remain true to the spirit of the franchise. 26.61 % (845 votes)
Yes, it's a different take but no less valid than any other incarnation. 24.98 % (793 votes)
No, the scripts are more action than sci-fi. 13.92 % (442 votes)
Love/Hate 9.48 % (301 votes)
3175 total votes

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All Our Yesterdays

Delve into TrekWeb's past! On this day, April 17, in TrekWeb history...

New Images of the Revell's Star Trek Into Darkness' U.S.S. Enterprise Model Kit
Captain Kirk Strikes an Uneasy Alliance in Star Trek Into Darkness in Cinemacon Footage Clip - MAJOR SPOILERS
Watch the Trailer for the New Star Trek Game on YouTube0
James Cawley Shows The Motion Picture Uniform in the Set of Phase II Fan Film Series
Actress Alice Eve on Working with J.J. Abrams on Star Trek XII1
Roberto Orci Says Star Trek XII Doesn't Rely on Your Previous Knowledge of Star Trek or Even the Previous Movie23
Exclusive : Artist David Messina on His Star Trek Comic Books for IDW and Much More0
DVD Review : Forbidden Planet 50th Anniversary Edition5
Book Review : Star Trek Unspoken Truth 4
ILM on Creating the New U.S.S. Enterprise for J.J. Abrams Star Trek Movie9
J.J. Abrams on New Movie FX, Karl Urban on Movie Scope and Chris Pine on Kirk2
Chris Pine and Karl Urban on Kirk and McCoy Storylines - Minor Spoilers1
Zachary Quinto Talks Nimoy and Star Trek Fans in New Issue of Playboy Magazine3
John Cho Says Sulu has Good Role in New Movie, Would Love to do Star Trek XII0
Paramount and Sony Bring Star Trek to PlayStation Home with Abrams and Cast Q&A5
Rod Roddenberry Praises J.J. Abrams, Says Director Will Stay True to Canon8
Book Review : Star Trek Terok Nor Night of the Wolves3
Composer Michael Giacchino Talks to Veteran TMP Percussionist About Star Trek XI Score3
Colm Meaney Remembers Deep Space Nine, Grateful to Rick Berman18
X-Men The Last Stand Novel Cover and New Summary0
Behind The Scenes Photos from "These Are The Voyages..."18
Manny Coto Says Writing Was on the Wall, Talks Franchise Future9
First Look At CG Exteriors for TOS Ship (SPOILERS)7
No Relief on the "Horizon" as Overnight Rating Free Fall Continues28
Classic TREK Characters Nominated for AFI's Top 100 Heroes & Villains Special0
'Fallen Hero', 'Desert Crossing', 'Two Days and Two Nights', 'Shockwave' Synopses Online (SPOILERS)0
STAR TREK II Collector's Edition DVD Delayed0
Bakula and Stockwell Talk "Detained," "Desert Crossings," "Fallen Hero"0
Early Viewer Review of Tomorrow Night's "Author, Author"0
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